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The label ES. refers to Dutch designer and creator Esther van der Sluis. Her style and signature are recognizable. There’s always contrast in her work: elegant yet sober, fragility with a raw edge. All pieces are 100% made by hand, so every object is a unique piece.

Intensive Process: 3 x 3 = 9

Making ceramics is a time-consuming and delicate process. Apart from designing and creating a basic form, producing a workpiece takes a minimum of 9 days. Every item is moulded with liquid clay, the form which is created has to dry for a number of days. During this stage, the workpieces are ‘air-dried’ and they are extremely fragile. After this drying period, the ‘biscuit’ work has to be fired in the kiln at about 1050 degrees. It takes about 3 days to reach this temperature¬†and is subsequently cooled down again so that the oven can be opened.

After that the workpiece can be glazed. This glaze is made by own recipy in the studio. Subsequently, the workpieces are dried and placed in the oven. The packing of the glazed objects is an extremely precise job, because the enamel may absolutely not come into contact with the oven, because then the workpiece will be fixed to the kiln. The glaze kiln-fired between 1260 and 1300 degrees. This stoking and cooling takes about three days. If the workpiece survive this violence, then it is ready for use!

24 carat gold

For the Special Editon with 24 carat golden luster there is even another course in the kiln. The objects are painted by hand with the golden luster and after that they’re baked in the kiln at about 700 degrees. So this special pieces need 3 treatments.