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Series FLORA is handmade from real flowers or leaves that have been immortalized in ceramics. The earthy flowers and leaves that are immortalized in the earthly material ceramic is a special and intriguing chemical phenomenon. It shows the vulnerability of nature. The making of these series is a very delicate process that results in more failures than successes. That does not mean that when a piece of ‘living nature’ after it’s ‘versteend’ and emerges from the entire stoking process, the euphoria is great and delivers a special showpiece.

C o n t r a s t

These series cups contain an apparent contradiction: the everyday functional form of a drinking cup, however, with a very fragile ‘ear’ which is obviously not suitable for┬ádrinking.


The objects consists of pottery and are (partly) glazed with white glossy glaze with golden details that is applied in some places, making the object an ornament. All in all a showpiece.